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Greenline welcomes new employees

Greenline recently welcomed three new employees to our team. We're excited to officially welcome them aboard!

Jason Causton

Jason Causton, project manager, joins Greenline with nearly twenty years of experience in architecture and design. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jason attended Philadelphia University where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree, and Columbia University, where he obtained his Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design. Jason has worked on a variety of high-profile commercial, residential and mixed-use projects throughout the country, many located in the New York City and Savannah areas. Jason enjoys professionally the general design and construction process as well as additive and subtractive manufacturing (3D printing and CNC cutting). He has filled a critical role on Greenline's project management team and his experience is proving incredibly valuable already. Jason's personal hobbies include raising a 3-year-old; prior to that, when his time was more abundant, Jason enjoyed cycling, hiking, running and traveling.

Ken Oliver

Ken joins the Greenline team as a member of our architectural staff. He has degrees from Savannah Technical College in Drafting Technology and Historic Preservation/Restoration. Ken has worked in several prior professional roles including in drafting and civil engineering. Ken is interested in the classical and traditional residential designs of architecture; he loves touring homes that have character and stories to tell. Ken assists as a member of the Greenline team on a variety of commercial and residential projects; he seeks the most current, up-to-date material to constantly improve and grow while also using history as a guide. Ken is from Clyo, Georgia and enjoys reading, listening to a wide range of music, playing video and tabletop games, listening to podcasts, planning trips, going to the gym and working out.

Abigail Dorman

Abigail joins the team as Greenline's Administrative/Staff Assistant and has quickly filled an important role in our office, staying on top of every detail and showcasing her superb organizational skills. Abigail graduated from Samford University and has previous experience as an executive assistant. A hometown Savannah-ian, Abigail enjoys travel, photography and the outdoors.

Jason Causton Ken Oliver Abigail Dorman


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