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Thomas Gamble Building Renovation


Greenline was chosen by the City of Savannah to provide design services for renovations to the Thomas Gamble Building, a property in our city with roots as deep as the Live Oaks themselves. The historic, 145-year-old building, located next to City Hall on Bay Street, will be utilized by the City for additional offices and operations.


The building, re-named in 1945 after the former City of Savannah Mayor Thomas Gamble Jr., dates back to 1877. It was initially known as Kelly’s Block or Kelly’s Building, after the merchant Eugene Kelly, the building’s original investor.


This excerpt from a local newspaper near the time of original construction states:

“The location is in the center of the business, and the building when completed, will be an ornament to the City.”


How fitting! We will share updates and progress as we work with the City and our project partners to bring this building back to life!

Proposed Rendering


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